Here’s Your Chance: Ask a Muni Driver!

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We’ve heard lots of stories from the passenger’s seats on Muni, but what about stories from the driver’s seat? If you have burning questions for Muni operators, here is your chance to ask them!

This month we are starting a column called, “Ask a Muni Driver.” We have a kind Muni operator who has volunteered to be your source of all things from the driver’s seat. So send us your questions in the comments section and we’ll get them answered for you in our Ask a Driver column.


  • D

    Just curious if there any MUNI ghost stories…

  • Lou

    Is it an ‘unwritten rule’ to always allow the homeless to ride for free?

  • RLM Stonebody

    Why dont you ever smile?

  • fermata

    Pretend you’re one of us. How would YOU suggest we react to things like:
    – unruly homeless
    – unruly teens
    – generalized intimidation/threats
    – uncivilized overcrowding

    Why do you pretend not to notice what’s going on?
    What would it take for you to step in and help?
    Why do you penalize the rest of us law-abiding riders, who just want to reach our destination, by halting the vehicle and trying to reason with unreasonable people?

  • Grace

    Do you like being a MUNI driver?

  • Kristin

    What goes on in your mind when you rush off instead of waiting for people to safely make a transfer from one bus to another, or from LRV to bus, etc? (Not being rude – I would legit like to know the reason for this. Pressure to make schedule? Instructed not to wait for these passengers? Just don’t care?)

  • JG

    I’m curious about the dog policy – as it exists and as it is enforced. I thought dogs on MUNI had to be muzzled and someone had to pay an adult fare for them. The reality seems to be that anyone can bring in any dog, unmuzzled, pay no fare at any time with no questions asked. I know this has to do with the whole “service animal” issue, but people at least should have to assert that their dog (their 100 pound pit bull, for example) is a service animal as they board the vehicle.

    I appreciate the usually excellent work that you all do performing a difficult job.

  • prinzrob

    1. Do you think relaxing the Muni schedule would enable to you make safer driving decisions? It seems as though Muni drivers sometimes push their way through pedestrians when turning across a crosswalk, or pass then immediately cut off a cyclist to maneuver into a bus stop. I always assumed that this happened because the driver was in a rush to keep their schedule, but I suppose it could also be because they don’t respect the safety of folks outside metal boxes.

    2. Do you think the current driver safety training (Muni or otherwise) is adequate to address all of the new types of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure going in around the city? If not then what would you suggest adding?

    3. We have heard about all the efficiency updates coming to Muni (all door boarding, route changes, boarding islands, etc). From your experience what parts of these plans do you think will be the most effective, and is anything missing or do you take issue with some of the proposals?

  • Scott

    What changes to traffic control would you like to see in order to improve Muni’s punctuality? Things like, initiating pedestrian crossing a few seconds before autos get the green, right-turn arrows, signal timing, that sort of thing.

  • Susan

    Thanks to the driver for volunteering!

    Why do the majority of Muni drivers choose not to pull into a bus stop area, instead blocking the street? (I’ve been curious for years, as both a rider who then has to step down further, and as a driver/other vehicle on the street that is now blocked by a stopped bus)

    Why do most drivers not announce / communicate with passengers? (I ride the 1ax almost daily, and most drivers don’t bother to announce that 8th is the last stop before downtown, we get a few people a week who got on the wrong bus)

  • Timbuk2 Yes! Will definitely want to know how a driver handles that. A few readers tipped us off to this last year:

  • Cathy

    My friend used to be a muni driver to! until her super. Debra Franks had HER FIRED!!!muni doesnt give a damn about there drivers at all THEY CARE ABOUT IS THERE SELVES!!!! Mangement sold themselves out for more money so they dont have any union but it doesnt matter the union is NO GOOD EITHER!!! ALL Mrs franks did was lied on my friend to get her fired she so sick and brung drs note but it didnt matter to the mangers at 1 van ness are asses too!

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