Art Imitates Muni in SF Opera Project

Image: ODC Theater in San Francisco

Muni has inspired its share of art, but I never would’ve guessed that included opera. Little did I know until @SFOpera tweeted this to @munidiaries the other day, perking our ears (…eyes?) bigtime:

Muni as art: New opera starts at a San Francisco bus stop.

Really? Yep: it’s called, fittingly, LOVE/HATE. Billed as a modern love story, the show is presented in association with the San Francisco Opera Center. It premiers at the ODC Theater in San Francisco on April 12, 14, and 15.

According to Marina Boudart Harris, in a blog post from Backstage at San Francisco Opera:

The bus stop. It’s a place I often find myself spending time as an Adler Fellow. I currently live in the Inner Richmond area, which is a good forty minutes from the opera house, but you can’t beat the rent or the myriad of multicultural cuisine just steps from your door. Every morning, I wait for the 38 bus with my fellow passengers in silence, and it never ceases to shock me when someone speaks to me. “How strange!” I think to myself, and wonder what it is about me or my demeanor that invites conversation. What gives people the courage to strike up a chat? Such is the subject matter of LOVE/HATE, a modern love story about two people who meet at…you guessed it…the bus stop. And just as life imitates art, art often imitates life.

Interesting subject matter, indeed. For more info and to purchase tickets, visit the ODC Theater website. And send us your own stories about real-life stuff happening on Muni.

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