Occupy Protester Jumps in Front of BART and Survives (video)

Yesterday afternoon an “Occupy” protester jumped in front of the tracks at the 24th Street station as the Daly City train was approaching. After several minutes, the BART police arrived, the power to the third rail was turned off, and this man luckily survived what could have been a grisly scene. The Uptown Alamanac has the video of how it all went down.

More from Mission Local:

A man named Michael jumped onto the 24th Street BART tracks just as a Daly City-bound train was approaching. Wearing a shirt that said Viva la Revolucion and yelling “You have the power,” he said he was occupying the tracks because he was sick of sleeping on the streets for six years.

Witnesses on the platform waved their arms frantically at the driver, and the train came to a screeching halt within a foot of hitting the man.

Michael was on the tracks for no more than two minutes when police arrived on the scene.

Read the rest of the Mission Local story here.

A commenter on MissionMission said that Michael turned around to the oncoming train and said, “You almost hit me.”


  • There’s nothing with a peaceful portest. Jumping in font of a on coming BART train insn’t the smartest to do. I can’t belive this nut job had the guts to yell at the driver that “you almost hit me”.

  • Daph E. Crane via Facebook

    Dear Occupy guy, you’re doing it wrong. One rule of Occupy is to not to muck up the other 99%’s life…because in doing so, that just makes you a hypocrite.

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