Got Gold Spray Paint, Will Ride Muni

Photo by @TheJoWo

Just your normal San Francisco morning routine: breakfast, shower, gold spray paint all over, ride Muni to work. Right? @TheJoWo spotted the Gold Man getting on the bus the other day. Disappointingly, he reports that the Gold Man did not robot onto the bus. If only.

This is our second reported sighting of the metallic guys on Muni Diaries, if you recall.

Here’s Silver Man getting off of a long day of work, spotted by @genejo.

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  • Jasmine

    A long time ago when I first moved to SF, I worked at Fisherman’s Wharf, and would catch the 47 with Silver Man every day. He would also decide to call it a day at the same time I went home. Never got up the balls to actually say something to him. Silver Man is best appreciated from afar.

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