Muni Worm: No Need For “Improvement”

Photo by missha

The city’s online project “Improve SF” announced an “SFMTA Design Challenge,” where SFMTA “invites you to co-create its identity for the future.” So what are we designing?

Join in the centennial celebration by submitting and voting on design concepts that reflect this character of the SFMTA as it enters its second century…Submit a concept in the form of logo, tagline, and color scheme. This is a unique opportunity for all creative members of the San Francisco community to participate and gain access to a broad audience. Once selected, the SFMTA will produce your winning concept.

But worry not, the beloved Muni worm is here to stay. We asked SFMTA spokesperson Murray Bond, who told us that the SFMTA Design Challenge only applies to the SFMTA brand, and not Muni. Confused yet?

For reference, you can see the SFMTA brand on their official page.


  • Susan

    how about a meter maid dressed in wild west attire holding up a car? that is what the sfmta does………

  • Allyson Eddy Bravmann via Facebook

    Whew! Walter Landor was spinning in his grave for a second there.

  • calwatch

    The MUNI worm is saved for now, anyway. If you look carefully at the SFMTA web site you’ll note more references to “transit” and no Muni logo (other than in photographs of vehicles and signs) on the site. My guess is that this is the fall back plan should some scandal or massive accident hit Muni – quickly rebrand to SFMTA and throw Muni out of the bus.

  • Stephen

    I worked on a submission for this contest and would not have participated if it involved replacing the iconic muni logo developed by Landor in the 70’s.

    SFMTA’s current branding, however, leaves much to be desired:

    It was a really interesting project to work on, we got some pretty good muni footage in the process as well:

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