Woman Slashed in Face on Muni

Photo by Jay Wilson

A woman was slashed in the face while riding the 49-Van Ness Monday night, reports MissionLocal. Three suspects, two men and a woman in their 20s, approached the 18-year-old victim on the bus and asked her a question. “The victim answered them and one of the men took out a knife and slashed her across the face. The three suspects then got off the bus near Mission and Valencia streets and fled on foot, according to police,” according to the MissionLocal report.

The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital to treat lacerations on her face.

Distressing news on my regular line. Careful out there, everybody.


  • Nathalie Keith via Facebook

    F that, thats why I love driving my car. I’d much rather be stuck in traffic than risk being in an unsafe situation on public transportation and deal with all the crazy people here

  • Ashley Sarah Hayes via Facebook

    Yikes! Stay safe, SF.

  • Emily

    A friend was right there – the chick said “I don’t bang” in response to whatever the question was, and then they stabbed her in the eye.

  • Ky

    There’s always a reason why anger like that comes out. Lots of reason. People like that aren’t crazy, they’re hurt. They fight back in a way that doesn’t serve the right purpose.

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