Muni Adbusted Yet Again: Du Beers

Well lookee there. What started out as a one-off Tuesday morning on Muni Diaries seems to be in the midst of going viral locally.

Previously, we brought you “Cum Tums” and “Fartine.” The local internet happened upon another: an ad for “Du Beers”(diamonds), with the adbusted ad slogan, “Slanging blowjobs since 1927.” That’s a lot of diamonds, a lot of money, and a lot of blowjobs. Eighty-five years’ worth, in fact.

It’s becoming clear that this is a concerted effort by someone or some group. Maybe the assholes who smashed windows in the Mission a couple of weeks ago have taken up non-violent protest? In any case, carry on, y’alls!

Via SFist.


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