Photo Diary: Train Won’t Stop

Photographer De Kwok took this picture at Montgomery BART station and said that it always scares him when he see the “train won’t stop” sign.

Sure, the sign is eerie, but you won’t find it so scary after you watch the truth behind BART.


  • French Twist via Facebook

    More like a middle finger, actually but yeah, that’s the general idea…

  • That’s something that you don’t want to see in a subway..

  • Erik

    That is what the sign says when they close the 12th St. Oakland station but forget to tell the people waiting on the platform.

  • They really ought to play a clip from Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough” every time this sign is shown.

  • Alex from Berkeley

    Ah, TRAIN WONT STOP. Why wont the train stop? because the train is either an event train or is broken and needs to be taken out of service.
    I see this in the Downtown Berkeley station sometimes but it happens anywhere. When BART wants to move its rolling stock for various purposes maybe it needs to replace a downed train or maybe its a rescue train being sent to help a stranded train they send out an extra train. Sometimes very bizzare things happen because these extra trains can do all kinds of neat things. Sometimes they will express into the city and shoot back out of downtown SF as richmond, or fremont trains during special events like the goldengates 75th birthday. Sometimes they can take trains and stow them away in the vast networks of cross over tracks between north and south of macarthur BART. They also like to send these trains to ball games by the coliseum and if you listen to the BART radio you can hear them talking about ‘Event trains’. When trains break down or get stuck sometimes they do get stuck on the platforms where it might read “Train wont stop” which is funny but thats a very bad case where the train is having such a bad problem it stopped moving again before they were able to ge it to the richmond, concord, hayward, or colma train yards. another example of the “Train wont stop” is “Not in service” which they use interchangeably sometimes But they almost always use this when richmond trains make their way to the end of the line. Whats interesting about “Train wont stops” is that often these trains do have to stop because they have to wait for their turn to go and the regularly scheduled trains are suposed to have the right of way but in some cases scheduled trains get forced to wait anyways.

  • Alex from Berkeley

    “This platform is out of service, the richmond train will arrive on platform 3 with the bay point train in an effort to confuse everybody”

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