Muni Fashion Trend Twitter Alert

Photo by David Lytle

100 Muni StoriesScrew Fashion Week. The latest fashion trends can be spotted on Muni, as a sharp-eyed Twitter correspondent observes.

@SheEatsWell: There’s a guy on my bus rocking a headband. And he looks good. Oh #dirtythirty #sfmuni #100MuniStories

Disclaimer: That’s an older photo of another guy rocking a headband on Muni and possibly not the same guy rocking the headband on Muni in @SheEatsWell’s tweet. But I think this young man is also wearing his headband with lots of swagger.

100 Days, 100 Muni Stories” is our way of celebrating Muni’s centennial year. We want to put your stories and tweets on an advertisement in the bus! Check out on other stories competing for the ad spotlight, and send us your story or clever tweet. Remember to use the hashtag #100MuniStories!

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