Bay Citizen: Only 60 Percent of Muni Vehicles Run On Time

Photo by Art Siegel

The Bay Citizen found that only 60 percent of Muni vehicles run on time, which is probably no surprise to riders who take the bus on a regular basis. “On time,” according to the city charter, means a Muni vehicle arrives at a stop no more than one minute early or four minutes late. So which lines are the most/least on time?

Earlier this month, The Bay Citizen found that SFMTA has not been accurately reporting its on-time performance. Today’s interactive chart looks like more data to support the previous report.

According to this report, the top five on-time Muni lines (the 88 being the most on-time):

  1. 88-BART Shuttle
  2. 1AX
  3. 36-Teresita
  4. 31BX
  5. 1BX

And the worst? The least on-time Muni lines (the 76-Marin Headlands being the least on time):

  1. 76-Marin Headlands
  2. L-Taraval
  3. M-Ocean View
  4. KT-Ingleside/Third Street
  5. F-Market Wharves

You can check out how your line performs in an interactive chart on The Bay Citizen’s website.


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