Photo Diary: The Power of an N-Judah’s “Sorry”

Alice sent in this photo of a very polite N-Judah car.

I am thrilled that the N construction is over. However, the last two days have been ridden with delays. Tuesday, I watched two trains go by my stop and refuse to pick up passengers although there had already been a long delay before they showed up.

Once I finally got on the N, we passed another car and I noticed that it had a message for me. Was it apologizing for failing me today?

This certainly isn’t the first time that a Muni car remembered its manners. It’s never too late to say sorry…or is it?

One comment

  • Me: I don’t believe the words, the promises any more N. It’s not enough. This is an abusive relationship. If you really cared, you wouldn’t have to apologize. You would just stop hurting me. There are other trains that would be lucky to have me, that would take me where I want to go.

    N: No. No, there aren’t.


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