Overheard: Muni Truth Bombs

Photo by sarahdopp

Sometimes you get what you asked for. We found this real conversation via ang in SF.

Muni Bus Driver: (After 10 minutes of yelling at passengers on her overcrowded bus, and becoming visibly irate) Wanna trade jobs?
Muni Passenger: Yes! In a heartbeat! I’ve been on unemployment for months.

Well, there ya go!


  • French Twist via Facebook

    LOL!! the passenger does have a point. But these MUNI bus drivers DO NOT have an easy job by any means. I like to complain about MUNI just as much as the next guy, but i probably wouldn’t want their job.

  • JimmyD

    Ya know… if more MUNI drivers would COMMUNICATE with the passengers…

    Sitting, unmoving, with the doors closed, would it kill the driver to announce: I’m really sorry for the delay. We’re being held here by dispatch. I hope to get us moving soon.

    That’s my biggest beef with many drivers.

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