New Muni Shelters Are Bad For Climbing

Photo by Octoferret

So you didn’t like the new Muni shelters. I can understand. Here’s another reason these new Muni stops aren’t like the ones you used to know.

Octoferret snapped this photo that reminds us the new Muni shelters are bad for…climbing. Don’t think about riding the wave on top of these babies. It’ll only result in disappointment.


  • Adrienne

    Hey, I wish any of the bus stops near me had shelters whether I could climb on them or not (it would be “or not” since I’m in a walker). Post and Larkin, Post and Polk SE corner, Polk and Post SW corner, Sutter and Larkin, Geary and Larkin could use at least a bench covered or not.

  • Didn’t you know? Only corners frequented by tourists need shelters. There are practically no shelters in the Tenderloin, Polk Gulch or SOMA.

    Let me assure you (as someone who has gotten very wet & cold while standing “inside” a Wave Shelter), I can honestly state that it is about the same as standing on a corner without any shelter at all.

    What a waste of money. I wonder who I should laugh at for deciding on that design.

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