Gettin’ Around: A Muni-Themed Photo Workshop by Lomography SF

Photo: sixsixty

Back in the old days, we didn’t have Instagram and the Hefe filter to jazz up our photos! We shot with film and we loved it, god dammit!

Anyway, we thought it was about time we paid homage to the old-school way of shooting one of the world’s most photogenic urban landscapes.

Join Muni Diaries and Lomography SF for a Muni-themed photo workshop. First, we’ll go over beginners’ tips and tricks for analog street and transportation photography. We’ll focus on how to shoot on Muni — one of our fair city’s best photography muses — and outside of it. Then, we’ll turn you loose with a fine camera — La Sardina or Diana Mini — so you can put those tips into practice ASAP. If you’ve got your own 35mm Lomography camera, you’re more than welcome to bring it and shoot with that!

1 p.m., Sunday, July 22
Start to finish should be roughly three hours.
Workshop starts at the Lomography Gallery Store in Union Square:
309 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA
(415) 248-0096

$10 per person or $7 for students, plus up to an additional $16 for various developing/digitizing/printing options.

But wait, there’s more:
Heads up, sharpest shooters: the best photo shot at the workshop wins a prize.

How to sign up:
RSVP as “Going” right on the Facebook invite if you’re interested. Or you can call, email, or RSVP in person to the Lomography store to secure your spot. Space is limited so get on it!


  • some of us actually shoot film without getting involved with the asshat ripoff artists from lomography… just sayin.

  • Cleetus Malloy

    @David Why so much hate? A lot of people dislike the whole idea of the “indie” branding of Lomography, but I can’t think of any one organization that is doing as much to keep film alive in many formats. There are a lot of young people don’t have exposure to film except through this environment that smells of hipster. They aren’t pretentious about being the next Maplethorpe or Adams, they just like to shoot and make lots of colors. The ones that get a true feeling for photography are going to get themselves a real camera and learn how to develop and print in a darkroom, but until then let the kids have some fun.

    The same could be said of a lot of people in the digital community. How many people spend used car amounts of money to buy a bunch of glass and a 5DMKIII, yet have no skill. I don’t hate on them. People just need to chill the f-out.

  • Chien Jon via Facebook

    hmm, what’s the secret prize? a precious roll of expired film? rad!

  • John Agoncillo via Facebook

    Hahah freakin haters.

  • John, i knew you were a lomo lover…. can i get you some overpriced expired film for your LC-A?

  • p.s.
    while i admit to hating lomography for being a bunch of rip-off artists, i do <3 muni diaries for being so wonderful.

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