I Know What You’re Reading

Photo by Heather
100 Muni Stories

Think you’re being clever with your less-than-high-brow novel? @genaweave is on to you.

Woman on #sfmuni is reading her book upside down. There is a 95% chance that she’s secretly reading#50shadesofgray. – @genaweave

Oh snap.

Side story: When I saw 50 Shades of Grey at Green Apple Books, at first I thought it was a book about being black in America. Another friend thought it was a book about aging gracefully. How wrong we were.


  • Mike Gomez via Facebook

    A cutie sat next to me earlier this week and pulled out 50 shades. The Actually book not the e-book version. Maybe she was sending me a single? hmmm

  • Jeff Hunt via Facebook

    a “single”? nice slip there, Mike 🙂

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