Transit News: Central Subway opposition and re-routes, high-speed rail boost, strollers on Muni, new Caltrain announcement system

Photo by eviloars

  • Central Subway: Opponents Claim Charter Violation Dooms Project (SF Weekly)
  • Will the SFMTA Gut Muni Improvements to Prop Up the Central Subway? (Streetsblog SF)
  • Legislature approves high-speed rail spending (SFGate)
  • Muni weeks away from letting babies in strollers on buses (SFGate)
  • Plans pitched for youth Muni rides (SF Examiner)
  • Muni to re-route bus lines around Central Subway construction (Central Subway Blog)
  • Caltrain Testing New Arrival And Departure System This Week (SF Appeal)
  • BART Officially Clears James Crowell, Officer Who Shot And Killed Charles Hill (SF Weekly)
  • SFPD Seeking Suspect In Muni-Related Shooting (SF Appeal)


  • Paul J. Lucas

    Allowing parents to use wheelchair lifts for their strollers is idiotic. Sorry, but just because a parent chooses to have a kid whom s/he either refuses to carry or makes the kid walk doesn’t mean s/he gets to slow the rest of us down.

  • Erik

    Also those wheelchair lifts usually aren’t designed for the frequency of usage they would get if every stroller-pusher wanted to ride them.

  • Tanya X

    Paul, some parents have twins, for example. Who are still babies or can barely walk. Have you seen double strollers? Have you tried to fold and life one up while making sure that both of your kids stay away from being smashed by a car?
    I’m a nanny and I know that getting a stroller on the bus is easy – once you get used to it – besides, there are always people willing to help around. But there are exceptions.

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