Two Commuter Haikus From Far-Away Lands

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Photo by @evangoldin

In a land way off of my zip code (ok, on the edge of 4th and King), our Twitter mistress Laura runs @caltraindiaries, where you can find these two quality haikus and more to start off your weekend. Laura also documents all cringe-worthy startup gossip and nail clipping you can overhear on your way down to suburbia.

Many crumbs in your seat
Yet, you weren’t eating at all
Someone else’s meal?

Late on a daily basis.
NB 221.

Transit News: Muni murder, BART strike, BART strike, and BART strike

Photo by Steve Damron

BART and its unions are still talking, but a potential strike looms this Friday. Here’s the latest on that and other Bay Area transit news:

  • BART Unions Give in a Little, Offer New Proposal With Lower Raises (SF Weekly)
  • BART Strike: Faux Point-Counterpoint Gives Commuters an Even Less Clear Picture of Labor Dispute (SF Weekly)
  • Business Community Prepares for BART Strike (SF Weekly)
  • BART talks likely to go to 11th hour—or beyond (SFGate)
  • AC Transit workers reject 2nd offer, full transit strike looms (KTVU)
  • San Francisco man accused in Muni killing pleads not guilty (SF Examiner)
  • Monday 10/14 – Forum on Level Boarding and Caltrain/High Speed Rail Platform Height Compatibility (Green Caltrain)

Let’s play ‘What’s Worse on Transit?’

Photo by tantek

Rider Charles asked us the other day, “Which is worse?”

A) Resting your bare feet on the opposite seat

B) Resting your shoe-clad feet on the opposite seat

On Caltrain, in case that makes any difference to your decision making.

I’m not sure that makes any difference. Transit is transit, though there is the cloth-seats factor.

Anyway, which do you choose: A or B?

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