Mysterious 100 Pounds of Rice on Muni

Say you find yourself with 100 pounds of rice to haul home. What are you gonna do, right? Rider Rhonda sent in this photo taken on the inbound K/T around 20th Street.

What other strange cargo have we seen on Muni? Let’s count the ways.

We’ve seen…

What strange things happened on your commute today? Share it with your fellow riders.



    I once saw Ozzy Osbourne trying to bring live bats home from Chinatown and when the driver said no livestock on the bus OO bit their heads off so they were dead and everything was cool. Or something like that. I mean I didn’t see it but my friend’s uncle’s proctologist’s cleaning lady did.

  • Jim

    You call that a knife? _This_ is a knife!

    Oh, wait, I meant to say, do you call that a 50-pound bag of rice? _This_ is a 50-pound bag of rice. See how small it is in comparison?

    If there’s nothing but rice inside those duffelbags then they’re super-duper heavy, IMO

  • Recycle Me

    They’re cans/plastic bottles. Can’t be anything else…

  • Dexter Wong

    I’ve seen 100 lbs. of rice before and those bundles are too big for 100 lbs. of rice!

  • I brought a five foot tall Christmas tree on to the 38 Geary once. I offered to pay the fare of an adult for the tree, but the driver just waved me on. It was a fun ride home–the bus wasn’t too crowded and it made a lot of otherwise grumpy people laugh.

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