• Fred Roberts

    NextBus has always worked fine for me. I don’t understand the hate here.

  • Montira

    I’ve found NextBus to be very helpful, generally. Sometimes the buses arrive slightly later than scheduled because of mishaps on the road, but the system cannot control that.

  • BTinSF

    It’s self-hatred and it’s quite likely the person who did this is young and unable to tell time or even read. I’ve encountered many such people in SF lately. One time a young man at a Muni stop asked me the time and I held out my watch for him to see–he gave me a puzzled look like he had no idea how to read a watch.

    • DomPara

      When someone asks you for the time, they are trying to buy/sell weed.

      He had probably been saying it for so long that he forgot the phrase has an actual meaning.

  • patricia

    it has nothing to do with NextBus hate and everything to do with getting a malicious, immature glee from preventing others from seeing the times

  • Henry Larry

    Disappointing to see vandalism as a response to frustration. Lets focus on constructive ways to address the issue like providing feedback to improve the accuracy of NextBus predictions.
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