Muni Protest Update

Photo by O Caritas

This morning’s Muni protesters are moving their way from Church and Duboce toward Van Ness and Market, according to the SF Examiner. As we reported Friday, protesters had originally planned to start in Bayview.

As of this writing, it’s not clear what’s next for the protesters. We’ll do our best to keep you informed.

Protesters outside SFMTA building at Market and S. Van Ness. Photo by Steve Rhodes


  • More photos from this morning at Duboce and Church here.

  • Dexter Wong

    This protest does not make sense to me. First they say they’re going to protest a shooting at Third and Evans. Then they show up at Duboce and Church instead (what, more people to annoy there?) What is the point, according to the news, the man was armed and he accidentally shot himself while running away from police. Why make a mountain out of this molehill?

  • Lamp

    This is the kind of complete stupidity that causes people to vote republican. Utterly lost, misguided people making a nuisance of themselves. Sorry the kid got shot (shot himself?) but the idiot was running from cops in Seattle where he (may have) killed a pregnant woman, then shot at cops. No one except these goons disputes that. The kid got exactly what he had coming. Why can’t these people deal with that?

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