Look Closer: New York Transit Art

Take a closer look at this photo: can you tell what it is made of? New York Artist Nina Boesch has created some amazing stuff using metro cards as collage material. Here’s how she creates her collages.

As the name suggest, metro card collages are made from cut up pieces of used and expired MetroCards® – New York City subway tickets. All artworks are one-of-a-kind and vary in size from 5″x7″ to 40″x30″. Nina Boesch uses the front of MetroCards® for color collages (yellow, orange, blue and black), and the back for grayscale collages (black and white). The collages depict anything from landmarks and objects to portraits and typography, and are almost always New York related.

You can see the rest of her pieces on her website, Metro Card Yourself. Nina’s collages are exhibited at The Bean in the East Village, New York, until the end of July.

Thanks to local transit card artist Tofu St. John for the tip!

p.s.  More cool stuff on our Muni Art Pinterest Board.

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