New Muni Dedicated Lanes on Church Street Next Month

Photo by Patrick

New lanes dedicated to Muni and taxicabs will be coming to Church Street in September, according to Streetsblog SF. The colored dedicated transit lanes will be on Church Street from 16th Street to Duboce.

From Streetsblog:

Following the T-Third line, it would be the second time San Francisco has used colored paint on transit-only lanes to help clarify that they’re off-limits to drivers — one of the practices used in cities like New York and London in recent years to make transit faster and more reliable.

The SFMTA will hold a public meeting next Monday, August 27, at 6:30 p.m. at the Gazebo Room, CPMC Davies Campus, 45 Castro Street if you want to hear more about the plans.

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  • Rick

    Sweet. Can we get some of this goodies on Duboce between the underground and the sunset tunnel too?

    Actually, can someone remind me why Duboce allows cars at all still?

    Also of note, anyone care to answer why Muni didn’t just build the damn underground tracks the 0.2 miles longer so that the train came above ground and aligned directly to the sunset tunnel?

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