Weekend Photos: Strangers We All Are

Photo by thisguyrr

Today’s top photo features a compelling portrait of a Muni rider, my personal favorite type of Muni photos. For good reason: after all, what’s a Muni ride without your stories?

On a related note: have you seen Muni Diaries on the bus lately? Our 100 Days, 100 Muni Stories winning ads are being installed this week, so if you see them on your bus, be sure to Instagram or tweet it at us @munidiaries!

For as much gripe as we air on the site (have you see our gripe category yet?), the folks at SFMTA still said ok to giving us some space to feature some of your top tweets and stories. We’re very excited to see the winning tweets go up on the buses. We’ll reveal the winners on the site on Monday so stay tuned!

Enjoy these photos and your weekend!

Photo by Robert B. Livingston

Photo by mikecampton

Photo by dynazour

Photo by fogcitykittie

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