Fleet Week Muni Newbie Guide

Photo by Josh Hawley

Sailors and other Muni newbies are in town for Fleet Week, so be prepared to see lots of confused (or drunk?) faces on public transit. Over the years you’ve shared lots of tips for newbies. In addition to the ole “$2 a ride, exact change, keep the transfer, good for any direction for 90 minutes,” we’ve seen some funny and useful tips. Some of the best advice from you for a Muni newbie.

2. When the recorded lady tells you to “Please Hold On,” she means it.
3. That’s not water on the seat.
4. Hold on to your cell phone and valuables.
5. Move to the back. You’ll get off the bus in time.
6. There’s no honest game of dice on the bus.

What else, what else? More advice here:

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