Video: Giants Riot on Muni

Yesenia filmed this video last night of Giants revelers rioting on Muni and sent it to us via the Muni Diaries Facebook page. In the video, rioters started filming a bus rider who didn’t have as much Giants spirit as everyone else. Here’s Yesenia’s account of the evening.

Here’s video I shot on my iPhone of rioting on Muni on McAllister and Larkin. I started filming toward the end, about ten minutes before the cops showed up. There were a few buses stalled there because the streets were overflowing with people. When rioting began on Muni, this particular gentleman on the back of the bus was having none of it. He sat there stonefaced amidst all the chaos, presumably texting to his friends about his miserable experience commuting on Muni yet again. Everyone outside noticed his lack of spirit and started taking pictures and video of him until the lights went out.

Earlier: Photos of buses set on fire, trashed, and climbed on by rioters.


  • Marge

    Oh come on he’s probably just blogging how crazy shit is! It can’t all be tweets. Or, maybe he just doesn’t care, maybe he doesn’t rock it like that. Accepting differences much?

  • Thom

    Little bizarre when the culture says the non-rioter is the weirdo. Since when does the social contract require you to smash and burn shit when good things happen?

  • Nick

    I do not understand the desire to riot, pillage, raze, or otherwise destroy property. Particularly in response to victory. Completely counter-intuitive.

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