Video: Man Who Tried To Stop Muni Vandals Speaks Out

Video: ABC7

On Monday we told you about Simon, the man who got beaten up by rioters when he tried to stop them from vandalizing a Muni bus (his friends sent us photo of his beaten up face).

Simon told Muni Diaries:

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days but I just hope I’m the one with a black eye and not my city…I was not on the bus but in the vicinity of the offense. My friend Sarah saw what was going on and said something along the lines of, ‘This isn’t right!’ I agreed and took off running toward the bus. The last thing I remember is getting in between the offenders and the bus, shoving them away shouting ‘No. This is not what we do. We do not do this!’ And then: sucker punch, floor, kicking, blood, and my awesome friends getting me out of there.

In the above video, Simon is interviewed by ABC7’s Vic Lee about his experience.


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