Muni On-Time Refund Card? Yes It Happened.

Photo by David Gallagher

This Muni On-Time rebate program card refunds passengers if the bus is late for 15 minutes or more. Mind blown yet?

But of course, this was from 1993 and is no longer in effect (surprise!). What was this rebate program? According to a document from SFMTA:

January 15, 1993. The On-Time Rebate Program begins as part of Muni’s Clean/On-Time Program, and riders are eligible to receive either a Muni token or a discount on their next Muni pass if they have to wait for a bus or streetcar more than 15 minutes beyond its scheduled time. (Cable cars were not included in the program.)

The PUC allocated $1 million for the Clean/On-Time Program in the 1992-93 fiscal year, including salaries for additional street inspectors and vehicle cleaners, and $100,000 for the rebate program that started in January.

The rebate program ended on June 30, 1993, the SFMTA doc reports, at the close of the fiscal year. Muni received more than 60,000 requests for rebates, “most of which were honored.” Can you imagine?

Too bad (I think?) we can’t get a refund any more, but you could always try for a “doctor’s note” from a Muni driver, like our reader did last spring. Read her story about the Muni late note.

We found this via SFist and photographer David Gallagher.


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