Orchid on Muni Makes Happy

A Tara-eye view on the 47

My work friends gave me this orchid because last week was kind of fucked. How nice, right? I got on a bus after work and carried it home on my lap. I tried my best to stare past it and out the window, like I always do sans plant.

Flowers on Muni are kind of like pets on Muni, turns out. I did not know this firsthand until last week.

People on the bus loved it. A gal about my age smiled (with teeth) at it as soon as she saw it. People furtively sneaking on the back of my 47 — not a smart move on a favorite fare-inspector line, by the way — eventually laid eyes on it and smiled, too. People smiled at me, which doesn’t always ever happen during my evening commute. I smiled back, an equally rare occurrence. Especially last week, when I wasn’t keen on smiling at anyone.

Sometimes, Muni kicks you when you’re down. I don’t give it enough credit for picking me up, though, when I really needed it. So, smile back if someone smiles at you on Muni today! It sounds hokey and Pollyanna, but you might make their day.

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