Spotted on Muni: The World’s Most Famous Dog

Photo by pawshbb

No, it’s not Lassie. Doesn’t this Muni passenger look just like Boo, the world’s cutest dog? Sidenote: I heard a story at Porchlight from Boo’s literary agent (that’s right) about the time when she took Boo and Boo’s mom, I mean, owner, to an appearance on Good Morning America. He sounded like quite the charmer.

We’ve got more animals on Muni over here for your Monday morning.

Pedro and his first Muni ride


This is my little friend, Pedro, perhaps the most inspiring reason yet to take Muni. You know how everyone says, “Fuck Muni forever, I’m driving?” He says the opposite. Though no fan of a moving car (even when it’s headed to the dog park), he loves him some Metro.

I, for one, am motivated to put car keys away for a while. If he can do it, we can do it.

Zoo Animals Take Over the Subway

giraff on subway thomas subtil
Photo by Thomas Subtil

Blink again, is that a giraffe trying to squeeze into BART there? Photographers Thomas Subtil and Clarisse Rebotier have imagined what the Paris metro would look like if zoo animals took it over.

In their photo series, a lion passes through the turnstile, another giraffe cranes its neck to see the view from the train, and an elephant gracefully rides the subway with a tiny bird on its back. You can see all the photos in the gallery here.

lion on subway thomas subtil

Another favorite:

deers on subway thomas subtil

Prefer real animals? Browse through our Animals on Muni page – some seem more surreal than others.

Via Mashable.

Dog as my Muni copilot


Me? I want some funky music to go along with the photo above. And I’m pretending that this dog is somehow actually steering the great ship Muni. Yeah, that’s just me.

Via Muni rider David, who says, “I think the dog forgot his phone at doggie day care.”

Attn. pirates: Are cats the new parrots?


I think we can safely say that these two complete each other. No, really, block out one or the other, and it’s not the same.

This comes via our correspondent Amy, who spotted it on Facebook after someone (Mark Gorney, and thank jeebus he did) spotted it in the wild. A simply heartwarming photograph called for a simple accompaniment:

“Sometimes, there are those times, where you are going home, and there is a guy with a cat, and, well…”

…And then what do you suppose happened? Mull it over while considering these other important contributions to the cats-on-transit category.