Well-behaved cat in a stroller on Muni is living our dreams


Here’s the most well-mannered Muni passenger and its owner living the ultimate cat-lady dream of owning a cat stroller. Muni riders Mike and Katie sent in this photo of an amazingly calm cat riding Muni while its human looked on dotingly. I’ve seen this man before at my local Starbucks in the mornings, enjoying his coffee while the cat watches the parade of Basics ordering venti skinny soy lattes.

We have more adorable (mostly) non-human creatures seen on Muni! And here are some urban cats who are working hard at making the internet a better place: pirate cat, punk rock catmusical cat, and leopard print car seat cat.

You can’t spell BART without ‘rat’


San Francisco will never be New York City. I don’t really see too many similarities, to be honest.

That’s why I was mildly surprised to see this tweet from BART rider Sunday: “#BART rats need food, too.”

I guess she’s right, but, BARF!

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Meet Sneakers, the Muni-riding corgi with the owl backpack

sneakers the corgi muni

As if your sunny Sunday can’t get any better, here’s a little more happiness for you. Meet Sneakers, the Muni-riding corgi! He can typically be found wearing an owl backpack or pink Godzilla suit, doing very San Francisco things like partying at City Hall, frolicking in the fog, or, of course, waiting for the bus. Sneakers is in good company with the rest of the cute animals riding Muni.

Sneakers’ social media handler informs me that he is on Instagram @sneakersthecorgi. I think I might have even ran into Sneakers at the City Hall party, but I think he was a bit busy saying hi to fans. Next time, my little friend.

Iguana on Muni thinks he’s a cat


My insider knowledge tells me that this is how all cat ladies wake up in the morning, with their felines on their head. I had no idea iguanas behave the same way.

This iguana hitched a ride all the way from its house onto Muni, and both the iguana and his owner seemed extremely relaxed about it. I can’t be sure that this is Charlie, or Charlie’s cousin, who is not to be confused with Skippy, the iguana of Wall Street Journal fame. But his athleticism is none the less impressive.

More of the Muni zoo this way, everybody.

Photo by @snacks_in_the_grass

Parrot’s First Solo Muni Ride?

white parrot muni

New important word in parrot vocabulary: “Back door!”

This parrot is riding Muni backwards like a total pro. We don’t see the parrot’s human companion nearby, and judging from the confident stare on the bird’s face, he’s got this whole urban transit thing down. Thanks to @audlaq for getting a photo of this intrepid Muni rider.

Oh, by the way, here’s another parrot (the same parrot? Its cousin or twin?) riding the LRV in a sporty little vest, and then again in a fashionable casual sweater.

Can’t get enough? Here’s the whole Muni zoo!

Found: The Most Cold-Blooded Muni Rider Ever

lizard charlie

This Muni passenger is named Charlie, not to be confused with Skippy the Iguana, who was previously profiled alongside the fancy people in The Wall Street Journal. Charlie is also not to be confused with that slimy “Could switching to GEICO really save you 15% or more on car insurance?” gecko.

Muni rider Ramona snapped this photo of Charlie chillin’ in the back of the 6-Parnassus. I dig his icy glaze and no-fucks-given attitude. I only hope he will forgive the number of terrible puns I couldn’t resist making at his expense.

Want more Muni portraits of the non-humanoid variety? We’ve got more cuties on Muni this way.

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