What’s Even Better Than Your Laser Cat Shirt?

cat jacket
Photo by emichbe

Three feline friends permanently lounging on the back of your jacket, that’s what’s better than laser cat. @emichbe spotted this jacket on a fellow Muni rider, and as a cat lady myself, I am utterly charmed by this bold fashion move.

Oh, there’s also this amazing cat shirt we saw on Muni this summer. Now I think that my idea of carrying my cat’s whiskers in a little locket around my neck doesn’t sound so crazy…right? RIGHT?

Cute Dogs on Muni Never Gets Old

muni bulldog
Photo by Panddena

Hello, Mr. Chunky Monkey on the bus. Dogs on Muni always brings a smile to my face (yes muzzles blahblah fleas blahblah I know). I can’t help myself. Here are three adorable animal friends riding the bus around town. Not pictured: me making ridiculous baby-talk cooing noises at these poor unsuspecting pets.

Happy weekend!

muni golden retreiver
PHoto by quinncan

muni pit bull dog
Photo by munidogs

Muni rider snubs snub nose at this rain


You said it, Mr./Ms. Pug. Hmph on this rain, plus, wouldn’t you know it, the bus was late again and everyone keeps telling me I’m cute. Obviously, so let’s move on.

This made Twitter photog @dearamerican‘s day, though. It would definitely make ours.

So, it is not going to rain for evening commute, right? Because I left my adorable poncho and disaffected Muni face at home. In any case, thanks @dearamerican for sharing. On the go, tweet any and all Muni musings to @munidiaries.

Tips for Taking Your Cat on Muni

cat on muni leash
Photo by Alaina

In honor of our new sponsor—Maru, Internet mogul—we’re only featuring cat+Muni content, hope that’s OK. We know, we know, you have a great story about the yelling guy, or the snotty teenager, or the driver asking passengers for directions, but we had to follow the money, y’all.

So with our new message and mission in mind, here are some tips for taking your cat on transit, because you, too, could end up on this website that way!

There are outdoor cats and there are indoor cats. Then there are cats who need both: cats who ride Muni. If you’re going to take your feline friend on the bus (and if you’re the kind of cat lady who doesn’t give a flying fuck what other people think), we have a few useful tips from fellow Muni riders.

1. Get your cat acclimated to the harness and leash by walking the cat at home.
2. Once your cat is comfortable with walking in a harness and leash, try walking the cat around your apartment building (or around the block if you really don’t care about your reputation or ever making friends again).
3. Bring a carrier just in case. Riding the bus with your cat on your shoulder should really be saved for pros.
4. Bring your cat’s favorite treats on the bus to placate him into good behavior. Remember: even the best cat ladies know that cats don’t respond to their own names, so treats work better than your sweet talking!