9 puppies who were the highlight of your Muni ride

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Here at Muni Diaries, we’re not too proud to admit our frequent weakness for dogs. Put your “muzzle your pet” trigger finger away, because here are nine pups who are way better than humans, ready to make your day, all from the Muni Diaries Instagram submission inbox.

Rock out with your tongue out.

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This dog is more civilized than most humans on Muni

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How to sit gracefully: “Ease into your chair with your knees together. Keep your torso straight without leaning forward. While you will eventually cross your legs, the act of sitting down is identical to the one used for maintaining traditional ladylike posture.”*

Add: Drape your leash gently over your shoulder toward the direction of your human, taking care that there is enough room between you and his seat.

Thanks @thrifteye for this Muni moment. Here are all the amusing moments from the Muni zoo.

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*Source: Wikihow

Sneakers the Corgi teaches us all a lesson about riding Muni


Wanna know why we love Sneakers the Corgi? I mean, aside from that winning smile and generally happy disposition? Sneakers always pays fare on Muni. Always. “O hai! #MUNI ticket for one corgi, please.” Although, we’d probably let Sneakers ride for free.

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