Bus Stop Amenities: Light Therapy and Stress Relief

Photo via Fast Company

What’s your Muni shelter done for you lately? Relieve your stress? Cure your seasonal depression? We found two incredibly considerate bus stop projects around the world.

In the Swedish town of Umeå, a local energy company is replacing bus shelter billboards with overhead light therapy panels at 30 bus stops, says Fast Company. The Swedes get just two hours of sunlight in the winter, so the energy company has suggested that riders and pedestrians stand in front of the panels for as long as possible.

Too bad bus drivers and cyclists are complaining that the well-meaning light panels are blinding them. The rest of the details of this otherwise cute project at Fast Company.

In Milan, conceptual artist Fra.Biancoshock installed bubble wrap in various sizes for bus riders to pop while they wait to relieve a little bit of daily stress.

Photo via Fra Biancoshock

How cute is this? Via NPR. I think I need a little more than a roll of bubble wrap to relieve stress but I’ll take what I can get.

Other funky public transit stunts around the world:

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