Muni Christmas Carol Lyrics

Photo by Lynn Friedman

Reader Kelsey W. found a good use of her time during the recent shutdowns in the subway (first for flooding then for a blown transformer). She set the lyrics to the tune of Jingle Bells and The First Noel. Should you be caroling with these tunes (maybe at Santacon this Saturday?): videos or it didn’t happen!

Here are Kelsey’s Muni Christimas Carol Lyrics.

Muni Smells (to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Standing in the rain, with my Clipper Card in hand.
Waiting for the train, on the curb I stand.
I wish the train would show, I really need to go,
All of us are late to work due to Muni shutting down, oh…

Jingle bells, Muni smells, the subway blew a fuse.
System wide delays right now due to an M train that derailed!
Jungle bells, Muni smells, next bus always lies.
The tunnels filled with water and the stairs are stuck up high!

No L (to the tune of The First Noel)

The first sign of Muni hell, my dear friend once did say,
was arrival times jumping from two up to eight,
The first to hail a cab is the dude on his phone,
running late to a meeting in Chinatown.

No L, No L, no L, no L. Boredom is king in the bus stop right now.

We look up and see a sign, saying ninety-two,
there are ninety-two minutes to wait for the L.
Then the signs fill up with lies, random numbers it seems,
random numbers hiding when my train will be.

No L, no L, no L, no L. Frustration is king in the bus stop right now.

I give up as I can see, there are no train in sight,
all the way from the zoo to the stop at my right.
I begin to walk inbound, walking’s faster than the train
there are more people waiting that fit anyway.

No L, no L, no L, no L. resignation is king as I walk down town.

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