On Muni, Bring Your Own Chair. Lots of Them.

Photo by ltyote

Muni newbie lesson number one: that clear liquid on your seat? It’s not water. So what do experienced Muni riders do? Bring your own seats, of course. While running Muni Diaries from our living rooms the last few years, we have seen so many DIY seating submissions that I had to put them all together here just for pure amusement.

Here are all the chairs we’ve spotted on Muni. So. Many. Chairs!

Oh and by the way, these chairs probably didn’t cost $9,100 like the public art at Duboce and Church. That’s how we do.

While you wait for Muni, Lazy Boys are the “Bring Your Own Chair” of choice.

Photo by @ohshititsjake. Original post of this pretty laid back dude.

Photo by Robert Thompson. Original post of this new Muni shelter seating.

Photo by davitydave

A sodden sofa beats nowhere to sit at all. I think.

Photo by Jason

Photo by Jennifer Balaco. Original post: Better Seating While You Wait.

Not as comfortable as a Lazy Boy, but not bad for wicker.

Photo by shadielkarra

Something less comfortable but still portable.

Inside the bus. No question, this guy is the boss.

Photo by Heather

A close second.

Photo by Tina

We spy nice space-age lawn chairs.

Photo by Jayne

Dining chair! Spotted on the K-Ingleside.

Photo by Nick

Bar stools. A must. Bring your own stool on the 47-Van Ness.

A very impressively prepared passenger.

Photo by John C

Borrowed from the office?

Photo by @amber_kit

Ergonomically correct.

Photo by Danny Howard


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