Impressive DIY Muni Driver Rest Stop

muni driver lounge 3
Photo by @carby44

How many times have you wished you could nap under your desk at work? I’m full of admiration for this Muni driver, who took matters into his own hands and fashioned a rest stop on the sidewalk. Two keen readers saw him catching a nap before his shift in front of the Marina Safeway last weekend.

@archijoey saw the Muni driver resting on his lawn chair and neck pillow. As if that’s not impressive enough, Danny C (@carby44) reported that the driver added a bag of snacks and a cardboard sign of his route number.

muni driver rest stop by archijoey
Photo by @archijoey

The only improvement I can think of is a cup holder on the lawn chair. Well-done, Mr. Driver.

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