Muni Playlist Ninja Strikes Again!

muni play list 2
Photo by itsrexmanningday

The Muni Playlist Ninja strikes again! We found the first “Priority Mail” play list last summer, but @itsrexmanningday on Instagram just found another play list on Muni, this time featuring more hip hop and a classical surprise at the end.

Muni Playlist Ninja wants you to listen to:

Nice touch with Wu-Tang there, Muni Play List Ninja.

Check out the first play list we found. Same label, same hand writing, and the same insistent tone. Whoever’s making these play lists, I salute you.

muni play list
Photo by dahveed76

Put your headphones and listen to the first playlist here.

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  • Colin

    there’s also one of these in the bathroom at the Plug & Play Club up at Bush & Polk. all I remember from the list is that it contains an Arctic Monkeys track, and below it someone wrote in huge letters “FUCK THE ARCTIC MONKEYS”. so that’s pretty great.

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