Help a visitor: How would you spend your one-day Muni Passport?

muni cable car by confetti
Photo by Robert B. Livingston

Reader Sonia C has a question for y’all pro Muni riders: What’s your idea of a perfect San Francisco afternoon if you have a one-day Muni Passport?

Hi! I came across your awesome blog and wondered if you might post something for me or give me some ideas. I have a Muni Passport that I plan to use this Saturday. I will have about five hours to ride around San Francisco, stop for lunch, maybe walk around. I will start at the Powell Street BART station at 11 a.m. and want to return to the same spot at about 4 p.m. Can you suggest an itinerary that would show me and my friend the city, good and bad?

So many possibilities. How about: Take the N all the way out to Ocean Beach and have lunch at Outerlands, take the N back up to Golden Gate Park to the De Young Museum, then take the 5 back to Hayes Valley to do a little shopping (afternoon drink at Two Sisters Bar and Books?) and hop back on any underground line at the Van Ness station to get back to Powell.

That’s just my own version of a pretty decent afternoon. What’s yours?

P.S. Sonia, if you haven’t been on Muni before, read the Muni newbies guide. “The liquid on your seat? That’s not water.”

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