Wallet Lost, Wallet Returned!

muni sutro tower by lynn friedman
Photo by Lynn Friedman

Reader Avi H. thought his wallet was lost forever, but sometimes the universe gives you a break, even when it’s on Muni. Here’s Avi’s story.

About three years ago, I was on the 66 heading inbound to go to school. When I left the bus, my wallet had fallen out of my hoody-jacket’s pocket and onto the seat. I got off the bus to wait for the 48 and started digging in my pockets to find the transfer. Unfortunately my wallet wasn’t there! I began panicking. I knew the likely story is that my wallet will never be returned. I called Muni Lost and Found, talked to other riders waiting at the bus stop, and even tried running after the bus.
(Side note: I am used to living in places where people do not return things, and thefts are of a daily occurrence.)

Feeling defeated, I decided to just go to school. I couldn’t concentrate that morning. I could just imagine the disappointment on my parents’ faces. Inside the wallet was a library card, $15, a Teaway frequent buyer card, my Clipper Card, my house key, and my school ID. In the middle of science class I got a phone call from the office: someone had found my wallet! I was in shock. I thought I would never get it back! But about two days later it was delivered in express mail to my school. I was so happy. It just made me think that there are some really nice and honest good people in the world.

+1 for humanity! Got other Muni stories, the good, bad, or weird? Share it with us!

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