Video: Silent Disco Flash Mob on BART

Hey, a DJ is on BART but everything’s quiet, and why is everyone wearing headphones? We just got this flash mob video from Russ Megowan, who’s been doing these “silent disco” flash mobs on BART on Saturdays. The guys brought a box full of wireless headphones and a DJ setup, and promptly started a party in your ears (only) on a BART train.

It’s all fun and games until a BART cop shows up, so you should watch the video to see what happens.

“Silent disco” is basically: The DJ transmits music to the wireless headphones and everyone’s rocking out to the same music, but no one else can hear it unless you’ve got the headphones on.

Coincidentally I’ve actually been to two silent disco parties recently. At first you’re thinking, what are these people doing and why do I have to put these headphones on? And then you put the headphones on and never want to take them off.

Ah, good party memories.

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