Let’s play ‘What’s Worse on Transit?’

Photo by tantek

Rider Charles asked us the other day, “Which is worse?”

A) Resting your bare feet on the opposite seat

B) Resting your shoe-clad feet on the opposite seat

On Caltrain, in case that makes any difference to your decision making.

I’m not sure that makes any difference. Transit is transit, though there is the cloth-seats factor.

Anyway, which do you choose: A or B?


  • Bare feet are way worse. WAY WAY WAY worse.

  • seth

    do you mean which is worse for the owner of the feet, or which is worse for other passengers? Clearly bare feet on a public transit seat is gross if they are your feet, as your foot will pick up cooties. If you are another passenger on the train at the time, bare feet is worse (because who wants to see bare feet anyway?). but if i am getting on the bus/train and the foot-rester has departed, i’d rather sit on a seat that had bare feet on it than a shoe (which had shit/piss on the sole that got transferred to the seat).

  • Katie

    I’m not sure… Bare feet are terrible but shoes get covered in various…. fluids one encounters in SF. I’d probably get off and wait for the next vehicle. That or make eye contact with them and passive-aggressively use hand sanitizer about 15 times during the ride.

  • The worst is sitting in front of someone clipping their nails…

  • iskandr

    This is what newspapers are for.

  • MikeM

    I saw someone in the van ness station clipping their nails, even picking out dirt too, while waiting for the train. strangest part of all was he just slipped his clippers into his pocket like they were his keys or a pack of gum. Who takes their nail clippers outside the house?

  • payattention

    How about just keeping your feet on the ground. This isn’t your home fool.

  • Sharon

    I was on a light rail train in Denver and there was a woman filing her nails on the train, and she had a pile of nail dust, a lot of nail dust.. It was gross, like what if the was a sudden stop and it got all over someone else? In case you’re wondering what im doing on the San Francisco site, I dream of moving to San Francisco but its so expensive I don’t know how to make it happen.

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