Five Mini Muni Moments This Week

muni escalator by smelania
Photo by smelania

What happened on Muni this week? Kai the chocolatier rode the 22-Fillmore with a backpack full of 15 pounds of cooked bacon, which made the bus smell like bacon. In related delicious smells, a woman’s bag broke on the 1-California, and a bottle of maple syrup shattered on the floor. Elsewhere, Sara was reading a textbook for her Emerging Diseases class while riding Muni and diagnosed some likely cases around her. “I like your haircut, but you should dye it,” a stranger said to an unassuming woman with a salt and pepper pixie cut.

And finally, here’s a song relating to an important Muni etiquette:
“Close, close, close your legs/when you ride the bus/Verily, verily, verily, verily/your junk can’t be THAT large.”

This week’s Muni moments are from @noshthis, @bozzygoestowork, @happysara89, @dewright07, and @CAwkward.

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