Transit News: BART says ‘no’ to poo and pee, Muni vs. private shuttles, Muni overtime

Photo by Confetti

  • With packed vehicles people opt for private cars, SFMTA says (SF Examiner)
  • BART to (Finally) Ban Peeing and Pooping Criminals From Riding its Trains (SF Weekly)
  • Supervisors call payment plan to BART a ripoff (SF Examiner)
  • New loading zone proposed on Van Ness Avenue to ease issues with private shuttles and Muni (SF Examiner)
  • New Audit Uncovers Irregularities, Lack Of Oversight Of SF Muni Overtime (CBS)

One comment

  • Riley

    “BART to (Finally) Ban Peeing and Pooping Criminals From Riding its Trains”

    And who will enforce this? Why the BART police, of course.

    Oh wait — the BART police aren’t on-site. They are instead busy mishandling firearms while searching an off-premises apartment.

    And that, Mr. and Ms. law abiding BART passenger, is why you can’t have nice things…

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