Muni window smasher vs. tattooed guy

Photo by stevendamron

Happy Monday to you. Take a ride in Pierre’s Muni Way Back Machine (eight whole years ago!).

My favorite weird Muni story, from back in 2005 on bus #8002 on the 47 Van Ness, near North Point and Van Ness:

Out of nowhere, a guy sitting near the front of the bus slams his fist into one of the windows on the bus and cracks it. He turns to a woman sitting nearby and says something about being stressed out by classes. Then a middle-aged guy with tattoos on his face gets up and talks to the driver, obviously telling him what happened. When he sits back down, the window smasher says something about snitching and the tattooed guy says that his taxes have to pay for fixing the window. The two start arguing, and eventually the driver gets on the radio to call the police. Then suddenly the window smasher apologizes and gets off the bus.

The only San Francisco element missing here is a protest. Seriously.

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