WTF: Weirdness on Muni

‘Pervert’ on the 2-Clement

Photo by Jason Sutter

A PSA from regular 2-Clement rider, seemingly guilty of riding Muni while female, as one of your editors was reminded very recently. Sex crimes on transit are believed, not surprisingly, to be under-reported. But we’re glad they’re getting “reported” somewhere. You never know: Muni Diaries readers helped nab a Muni humper suspect in 2009, so step forward in the comments if this strikes a chord with you.

About a month ago, I was on the Muni 2 bus on my way home. I usually leave the office around 5:15 and catch the bus at the corner of California and Presidio. It was a Friday afternoon on February 21st. When the bus came, it was pretty full, but I was lucky enough to get a seat in those 2 passenger spots on the left. It was the middle row because I remember a row in front of me and a row behind. At first, I was sitting near the window seat next to an old lady. She was there for a few stops. Then the old lady moved to the single passenger seats on the right. I can’t remember what stop we were at when this Asian man came on board and sat next to me.

Nose-blowing etiquette lesson aboard the 9-San Bruno

Photo by Paul Sullivan

There are all sorts of unspoken rules for riding Muni. This we know, though we don’t all always follow them. Fair enough.

But Muni rider Yorkman has a tale of a most unexpected bit of etiquette bestowed upon him last summer.

On a Thu evening in July 2013, I boarded the northbound 9 line at Potrero and 24th St, headed downtown. My nose was running so I had to blow it maybe 4-5 times to clear it. A man sitting nearby took extreme exception to what he thought was crude behavior on my part, and strongly corrected me. He maintained that blowing my nose once or twice was OK but more was disgusting. Then I remembered that he had done the same thing to me about a year previously.

At least this misguided patron of the etiquette arts is consistent.

Hang in there, Yorkman. And do what you gotta do with your runny nose.

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Discomfort-inducing Muni attire induces discomfort


And you thought those FBI (female body inspector) hats were terrible. In addition to marveling at that now comparably innocuous message, I’m left wondering why and how time and effort went into this DIY project.

Via Muni rider thinlizzy6669: “‘Your mom fucks like a real pro!! Your dad just lays there taking it in the ass…and crying.’ Wtf??”

OK, would you rather:

Be seated face-to-face with this hat for a realllllly long Muni ride. A 49-Van Ness in rush hour traffic, kind of realllly long ride.


Be yelled at or near with similar language for a couple minutes.


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