WTF: Weirdness on Muni

SF Chronicle to SFMTA: Hop on the transit etiquette bandwagon

Image via The New York Times

Lookthehellout, Bay Area manspreaders!

In a recent editorial, the San Francisco Chronicle discussed our local need for transit etiquette campaigns similar to those we’ve previously reported in cities like New York, Japan, and Paris. Here’s the kicker:

“‘Oh, we’re on it,’ said Paul Rose, spokesman for San Francisco’s Muni. Muni has etiquette tips (like the one about giving up your seat for the elderly and disabled) posted throughout the system, but Rose said that this year it plans to survey riders about their concerns for an expanded campaign.”

Well then, Muni riders, let’s give Mr. Rose and the SFMTA a hand here. Sound off on your top five beefs with other Muni riders. Last time we checked on your pet peeves, the list almost literally went on and on and on …

NSFW Video: Man kicks and breaks a Muni bus door

A video posted by sg (@sgsf) on

A man went ape shit on the 30-Stockton while it was stopped on Kearny and Sutter during the week that wouldn’t stop raining. @sgsf on Instagram posted this video last week. As the man screamed threats at the bus, he managed to kick down the bus door, breaking the glass on the door. And that’s where the video stops. If you were there, let us know what you saw!

The top Muni WTFs of 2014

Photo by brandi

You guys are whacky. Not me. I’m normal. You guys are just weird. And about half of what we do here at Muni Diaries is collect as much of your weird behavior on Muni as we can. Here’s a roundup of our favorite Muni WTFs from 2014.

  • A lot of our WTFs would be WTF no matter where they took place. Some would even incite a vomitous catastrophe. Witness the Muni rider eating mayonnaise from the jar…blech!


Inflatable pool and palm on Muni ISO a beach


Looks like *checks weather page* it might actually *checks weather page* not rain today *checks weather page*. Yep. Maybe a sprinkle, but does that really count?

Perhaps that was what this Muni rider was thinking, or wishfully thinking, carrying her inflatable pool and inflatable palm tree to that manufactured beach in … Glen Park?

In any case, fellow rider Anthony reports: “Inflatable palm tree on the OB J- Church? Where the hell is she going to? A pool party? Idk?”