WTF: Weirdness on Muni

Muni Metro blockage no rider can de-obstruct

Photo via Valleywag

Perhaps feeling slighted by lowly human passengers moving its brethren “automobiles” out of the way of public transit vehicles, a tech shuttle bus done got itself stuck, like stuck-stuck, on some Muni tracks this morning.

Only a Muni Hulk or like every single person riding Muni at any given moment might be able to clear the way for the J-Church here. Sad.

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h/t: Valleywag

Because skateboarding on Muni tracks is risky business


This skater done hitched a ride on a Muni light-rail vehicle. Crazily, this isn’t our first such Muni daredevil sighting: In 2011, we posted about this cyclist who couldn’t be bothered with the Muni right-of-way and the hill it bypasses on the J-Church line.

Says Muni rider K L, “Today only! #SFMuni offering free rides to thrill-seekers. #girlpower #SF”