WTF: Weirdness on Muni

Muni: Where the rubber meets the … back door


Safety first, people, especially when it fits the color palette this well. Thankfully, this one was still in its wrapper and, say, not a discarded magnum draped over the railing. Not that that ever happened or anything.

Hat tip to Muni rider Karen for this, adding, “It’s always a party on the 5L.” If I knew it was that kind of party, I would’ve added my box of Franzia to the mix and put those motorized cable-car booze buses to shame.

MAXImizing your Muni enjoyment


As a reminder to the uninitiated (including still-confused male editors of this website who wondered, “what makes them stick to the wall”), this is not a tampon. Neither was this Muni-riding feminine product. This, my friends, is a tampon (applicator) on Muni.

Three times makes a trend? There are srsly more feminine products on the bus than there are in those busted machines in the ladies’ room, jeez.

Via Muni rider Mike, as seen on the 31-Balboa.

Banana peel in Muni seat just wants to be loved


This bus is serving…compost. I think I’d rather have the Franzia from yesterday, something I have never said before today.

I hope this wasn’t a response to me, I MEAN, that unidentified woman on Muni asking a guy, “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

It’s somewhat less poetic and Pixar-movie than these traveling groceries, which included a potato and tomato escaping their fries-and-ketchup fate in favor of roaming the city, but I’ll take it.

h/t to Aleph (commenting, “I’ll have the vegetarian seat, please….”) on Facebook and Mitsi for telling us over at the Muni Diaries Facebook page.

The Muni bus that needed a little helping hand

Because ultimately, Muni’s buses (and light-rail vehicles) really do a lot for us, every once in a while, they morph into utterly helpless creatures in need of assistance.

Witness what Burrito Justice caught on video recently, above. Hey, it’s a first for us, too!