WTF: Weirdness on Muni

Warriors Fan Celebrates on Top of Moving Muni Bus

warrior reveler

Not letting the poor behaviors of Giants fanatics show them up, some Warrior fans took to the streets to show how much they love Dub Nation, one of them by dancing on top of a moving Muni bus. Muni Diaries editor Jeff saw this bus-top dancer. Just a couple of hundreds of volts above your head, no big deal, right, guys?

insta warrior fan muni
Photo by lindsayds20

Over at SFist, Jay Barmann has a blow-by-blow of last night’s celebration.

And the San Francisco Chronicle’s Vivian Ho captured some more of the craziness in the Mission.

warrior fan bus stop vivia ho
Photo by Vivian Ho

At least no buses were set on fire. And thankfully none of this should end up in our top WTF moment of the year, right?

Smoking WUT on Muni?


This, from Muni rider Thomas: “I was just riding the 49 from Van Ness and McAllister. Down to City College for class. And these dudes get on at 16th and Mission. This fool pulls out a crak pipe [sic] and takes a puff! No one wants their second hand meth smoke!”

While we can’t be sure what these fellas are smokin’, we just know it ain’t cool.

Just the other night, a wasted guy got on my and Tara’s 49 with a lit cigarette. I side-eyes’d him like you do, and he mumbled this and that back. Then some guys behind him told him to put it out. “It’s cool that you’re smoking, but no one on this bus likes the smell.”

We know it’s not exactly a totally new phenomenon, people smoking on the bus. But, SRSLY?

Stationery rant decries moving violation on Muni


You know, I was just lamenting how no one writes letters anymore! Here’s a transcription of this vintage passive-aggression (or aggressive-aggression):

You have just gang raped me with that rapping. [Ed note: Or is it “napping”? Because that would be funnier.]

This is a public space—my day should not be ruined by that crap.

It is also illegal to play that radio so loud.

While this offers plenty of opportunities for rich commentary, I leave you with just a couple pro tips this Monday:

1) As scary as it can be, maybe try good old-fashioned *tap* “Excuse me?…” before grabbing the stationery.

2) As a woman, language enthusiast, and mocker of penned hyperbole: Don’t use “gang raped” metaphorically. Seriously.

Thanks to Muni rider Ashley, who posted this to our Facebook page.

When all else fails on Muni


Alt. title: Until Muni equips its ridership with a well-deserved dining car

Rider Leigh let us know about this crafty fellow passenger she encountered on Muni Metro recently. “Shoe.” That’s Australian for “cup holder.”