Five Lovelorn Muni Riders Want To Know If You’re The One

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Photo by David Lytle

If you’re still secretly wishing you had a date for Valentine’s Day (but publicly denouncing the Hallmark-esque insincerity of the holiday itself), I found five great San Francisco singles for you. These guys and girls are environmentally conscious, technology savvy, financially responsible, with sensitive writerly souls.

Oh, all right. These are bus riders who wrote Craigslist missed connection ads. But hey, with less than 24 hours until doomsday, this is no time to be picky. We didn’t correct grammar or punctuation mistakes in the ads because…I think that’s pertinent information you need to know.

So if you’re looking for a last-minute date, especially if you are the girl who wore black and white snowflake skirts and tights (or if you’re the girl who bought a painting and gave the dude a fake phone number), you might be the one they’re looking for!

Here are our Muni-riding singles:

Looking for girl with black and white snowflake skirts and tights – m4w (excelsior / outer mission)
You were getting onto the bus at Geneva & Mission this morning and I accidently bumped into you and apologized. You were wearing a black skirt with snowflakes on it and some back tights and furry boots. After the bus ride, we rode the Bart train downtown and you got off at Montgomery.

If this is you or if you know of a girl wearing a black skirt with snowflakes on it, please reply.

21 This Morning, I Got Yelled At – m4w – 26 (downtown / civic / van ness)
We talked very briefly this morning after a guy was less than thrilled that I was on my phone and didn’t get up when a blind man got on the bus and was trying to sit down on your side. We joked but I was in a hurry to get off the bus, sorry if I seemed preoccupied or indifferent on the conversation. Hope to run into you again! I also understand there is about a 0% chance of you seeing this, but if you do, we’ll know each other’s guilty pleasure at least.

Waffle Date for the Beautiful French lady~ – m4w (mission district)
It was one in the morning on friday night/ saturday morning when we met

you were waiting for the bus and I was selling paintings since I was stuck in sf. Truth be told you caught my attention from the start, but I didnt know what to say. Luckily the hobo broke the ice since I kicked him out from getting at you I loved the way you talked to me, and I was hoping to still make you that cinnamon waffles. And I also still remember that your favorite color is blue, its why you chose the blue moon painting

I received your number, but it wasnt good when I tried calling perhaps youll read this, or your friends will read this I hope we meet again.

sexy man at civic center muni asking if i was going to work – m4m – 44 (downtown / civic / van ness)
We both got out at muni civic center around 12 noon . You stood in front of me on the escalater . You asked if I was going to work. I said it is my day off and I’m. Just running some chores. You said you were going back to work from your lunch break.. You are a SEXY man!!! Let’s. Connect.

Armpit to the face – w4m – 25 (downtown / civic / van ness)
We shared a laugh on a crowded muni. You got off at civic center. You seemed cute n funny.

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