Five Muni Moments This Week

muni drama by jeremy brooks
Photo by Jeremy Brooks

Please take a moment to admire this stunning picture by Jeremy Brooks. Done? Ok, here are five of the biggest moments that happened on Muni this week:

1. A Muni driver is brushing his teeth on the bus. Yay for dental hygiene?
2. A rider ran into her ex-boyfriend from Modesto with his “new boo” on the 14-Mission. I hope you were looking hot, girl.
3. Rider Kim got proposed to by an old man on Muni. “Would you marry me for my money? Think about it.” TEMPTING!
4. More things to do on the bus? Practicing your xylophone. True story.
5. Two guys in long trench coats recited a best-of version of Dr. Who episodes to kill time on the 38-Geary. I’d pay to see that.

This week’s Muni Moments were brought to you by @abadmeow, @1131991h, @kimsabi, @franoero, and @loveoz13. What are the big important moments in your life on Muni this week? Tweet it to us @munidiaries, won’t you please?

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