Photo Diary: Muni Shelter To Go

muni shelter to go
Photo by meredithob

Hey wait, what are you going?

More of the old Muni shelters going off to some far away land, to be replaced by ones that don’t shelter you from the elements.

Photo via meredithob.


  • French Twist via Facebook

    Why, what’s wrong with them?!! Waste of money.

  • RH

    Yeh, Muni always saying they don’t have enough money, but they can afford to start replacing all the existing, functional, not-even-ugly shelters with their new expensive “Wave” shelters. What a waste.

    • OMG

      Quit complaining. Muni doesn’t even pay a cent to replace the shelters. Muni just tells Clear Channel which shelters they want replaced, and Clear Channel pays for all the costs.

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