SFMTA Customer Survey Wants Your Two Cents

sfmta survey

The SFMTA wants to know what you think about Muni. Right, um, do they really want to know?

Apparently, yes.

There are a couple of questions about how much you use Muni versus taxi or bike, but the most important page is probably rating Muni on the following:

  • Safe operation of Muni vehicles
  • Feeling safe and secure from crime while on a Muni vehicle
  • Service frequency
  • Cleanliness of vehicles
  • Service reliability
  • Feeling safe and secure from crime while waiting at a Muni stop or station
  • Cleanliness of Muni facilities (stations, elevators, escalators)
  • Overall satisfaction with Muni service

If our submissions box is any indication, we have a few guesses about what you might say!

The whole survey is here: SFMTA’s Customer Satisfaction Survey


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