16 Types of Commuters You Love to Hate

seat taker on the 45
Photo by archijoey

Are you a Pole Hugger, a Napper, or a Squeezer on Muni? The list-obsessed Buzzfeed has categorized 16 types of commuters that everybody hates. What’s your biggest commuter etiquette pet peeve?

Among the most offensive on the Buzzfeed list: The One That Won’t Move to the Middle of the Train, The Door Opener (“There’s always someone trying to pry the door open, and the worst part about it is when that beeping alarm sounds until the doors are completely closed.”), and The Inconsiderate Prick.

Although we’re pretty familiar with most of these offenses, I have still yet to see a “Gym Rat” on Muni. Maybe I’m riding the wrong lines?

The list of subway etiquette offenses is pretty universal. Check out this illustrated list of creatures that haunt the Tokyo subway. My favorite is The Backpack:


Thanks to you, we have some tips about how not to be one of these hated commuters. Don’t be a Sir Spreads-a-Lot!

Hat tip: Tiny Rides and The Tenderloin Geographic Society.


  • Michael H

    On MUNI, I am perpetually frustrated by standees who camp out smack in the middle by the doors and pay no mind either to those looking to get off or those who might want to move to the back. This is not the same as being stuck in the middle but doing your best to accommodate others. Sometimes, we get in the way and can’t help it. You have an obligation, though, to be aware of how your presence affects others.

  • Rob Nagle via Facebook

    It didn’t mention the people that just walk in the door and then stop, but otherwise a good list

  • eugenia

    I see that all the time! I think people are afraid of getting stuck on the bus but usually riders are really good at letting people off the bus. Another good etiquette lesson.

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