Top Five Muni Moments of the Week

cute kid in glasses by holograhmz
Photo by Holograhamz

This kid on Muni kills me. So do these five top moments on Muni this week, courtesy of riders like you.

  1. Guy notices that the girl next to him has a six-pack in her purse and just looks at her and laughs. You know what, that 10-cent bag fee is working!
  2. Best words of wisdom: “See a penny, pick it up. See a penny on the 38, let it be.”
  3. We’ve seen a lot of weird things people bring on Muni; this week was the first time we’ve heard of a report of a full sized BBQ shoved on through the back door. Hey, it is almost BBQ season!
  4. In the sexiest voice one could muster, “Your fly is down.” #sfmuni
  5. A guy on the bus is wearing glasses with no lenses. He should talk to that kid in this photo for some fashion advice.

This week’s top five Muni moments are courtesy of @cfedorchek, @schmeaux, @jenzsf, @amandarants, and @zerophive. Want your Muni moment to make it to the top five next week? Tweet it to @munidiaries, please!

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