Transit Etiquette Lesson: Watch Your Mochilas!

crowded muni bus
Photo by torbakhopper

Rider Poncho sent us our first Spanish submission. After we ran it by our Spanish-speaking friends, we found that his Muni etiquette gripe is pretty universal.

Poncho’s original submission:

Mas que una historia es un invitacion a las personas que usan el transporte publico yo entiendo que las personas tienen que viajar con sus mochilas pero tambien deberian de tener un poco mas de conciencia por los demas y es que sin importarles suben al bus con sus mochilas en la espalda y no les importa como golpean a las demas personas con ellas creo que nada mos cuesta bajar las mochilas o hacerlas de lado creo que todos tenemos derecho a viajar y dar espacio a los demas. Como lei alguna vez en un bus tu derecho a mo respetar termina cuando empieza mi derecho a ser respetado.


More than a story, this is an invitation to the people who use public transportation. I understand that people have to travel with backpacks but they should be a little more aware of others. They don’t care about getting on with their backpacks on their backs and they don’t care if they hit other people with them. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to take the backpacks off or carry them at your sides. I think we all have a right to travel and give space to others. As I read once in a bus, your right to not respect others ends where my right to be respected begins.

Looks like Poncho just ran into the top type of commuter everybody to hates. So watch your mochilas, everybody. Or at least maybe say, “Perdón, ¿le molestaría quitarse la mochila?”


  • Hillers

    Here, here! Ladies, this also applies to you. Your purses do not magically shrink when you’re walking down the aisle to find a seat. Kindly hold them close to your person so they’re not knocking into the faces of seated passengers. Thanks in advance.

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