Reuniting With My Muni Buddy

muni station steps by generic
Photo by Generik11

Rider Juniperks made a friend on the bus and never thought they would see each other again, but San Francisco is really a smaller city than you think.

I grew up in San Francisco, and had to take the Muni bus home from high school every day for four years. If I wanted to visit my friends on the other side of the city, public transportation was the only way to go. While the bus system in SF tends to get a bad rap, I was pleasantly surprised one day by a chance encounter with a stranger.

As I was sitting off to the side, shutting out the rest of the world with my iPod, George got on the bus and took a seat next to me. He offered me a piece of gum, the quintessential high school student peace offering, and we talked for the rest of the hour-long ride. Eventually we reached his stop, and we parted ways, knowing odds were good we would never see each other again.

But a year later, they did find each other. The rest of the story is on Juniperks’ tumblr blog.

What interesting characters did you encounter on your commute today? Tell us about it.

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